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Back Health, Muscle Tightness

Ed P., St. Louis, MO

1. What was your biggest fear when you began practicing yoga?

I started doing yoga while student teaching in 2008. I didn't have any fears, because I generally enjoy exercising, I was just concerned about being able to do all the poses correctly and having enough stamina to get through a class.

2. Did you have any health issues at the beginning of your practice? Were you on any medications?

I didn't have any health issues at the beginning of my practice in 2008, but I used to weigh about 100 pounds more than I do now. I've kept the weight off since 2007, and yoga has...


Eczema, Weight Loss, Sleep

Angie M.; St. Louis, MO

I took my first hot yoga class on Wednesday, March 16 (6 months ago). I had known about Bikram for about 4 years but I was really scared, like really, really scared so I took class prior to the challenge because I wanted to get that “unknown” over with. I would say what drew me in was I had this deep feeling that this therapy would be highly beneficial for me. I’m a healthy person in the sense that I have a strong immune system but practitioners over the years had always told me that yoga would be good for my body, mind and spirit. It was time for me to take action and give it a solid...


Practicing Hot Yoga with MS

Jenny B.; Chicago, IL

Two and half years ago, I took my first class at BYA (Jessica's first yoga school). Truthfully, that first class wasnʼt all that different from the one I took this morning. Prior to both classes, I walked up the stairs with pangs of nervousness, quietly signed in at the desk and moved quickly to the room in an effort to ensure I had my now favorite spot in the room – the back corner near the windows where I think the teachers canʼt see me very well. During both classes, I listened carefully to the teachersʼ instructions and tried my best.Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis....


General Health – Every Day Practice

Borislava Q.; Chicago, IL

When I first came to BYA (Jessica's first school) at the beginning of August 2010, I was just one of the thousands of folks who had purchase a great deal on Groupon. However, once my 20 classes were used up, I was craving for more, and when the 100-day challenge was announced in December, I didn’t need a whole lot of convincing. And as they say, the rest is history—100 days turned into “we’ll see what happens,” which turned into the need to meet the challenge of 365 consecutive days of yoga.

Why did I do it? As a new-ish mom to a then 2-year-old and a 10-year-old, I needed to...


Healing Sprains/Fractured Bones

Maureen B.; Chicago, IL

Two and a half weeks ago I fell while ice skating. I sustained an intense sprain to my left arm. My chiropractor took x-rays and although no break was evident he told me to have it x-rayed again in a week or so because if it was a hairline fracture it wouldnt show up until the bones began to knit together again. Also,due to the lack of my ability to turn my arm without a lot of pain it seemed that it might be a break.

The first thing I thought was “darn it, I dont want to miss any yoga classes!” I remembered Jessica saying in one of the classes that a person could still do yoga...


General Growth

Andrea; Kansas City, MO

I miss you all terribly! When I was practicing at Bikram Yoga Andersonville (Jessica's first school) a year ago, I was new in town, unemployed, and looking for my next step. You were the first yoga studio I had ever been to! I never felt embarrassed about this. I feel like the teachers saw my eagerness to learn, and embraced the opportunity to teach. After 6 months of regular practice, I found a great new job in Kansas City, MO. I give my practice at BYA an enormous amount of credit for helping me find structure and discipline in my life, for helping me get in touch with myself about what...


Sleep Regulation, Asthma, Eczema, General Growth

Kate C.; Chicago, IL

When I first walked into Bikram Yoga Andersonville (Jessica's first school) my expectations were beyond low. I had tried yoga years earlier with my step-mom; I had gotten her a class as a gift not realizing that she would insist I join her. I hated it.

When Gina, a friend going through chemo, asked me to join her for a class at BYA I agreed, thinking it would be one class and I would be done with it and never go back. It wasn’t the heat (I didn’t know it would be hot — surprise!) I dreaded, it was the savasana. Really.

In my experience with my step-mom yoga gave me a burst of...


Growth, Weight Loss, Health Improvement

Tony P., Chicago, IL

I gave myself a gift on my birthday in January 2010: a Bikram yoga class at BYA (Jessica's first school). I didn’t have any reason to do it, on that day, or even at all, other than I was curious about the heat and mildly interested in yoga after having done some classes with postures from the Ashtanga series. I like trying new things and doing yoga for 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees was pretty new for me. It was, I’d soon realize, the best gift I could have ever given myself.

Put simply, being at BYA is the highlight of my day. I love doing Bikram yoga at BYA because each...


General Growth

Meg G; Swansea, Wales

Dear Jessica and crew,

I’ve been meaning to write you a quick note for quite some time and decided that today is the day. I don’t know if you would remember me, as I didn’t get to practice Bikram Yoga very long with you. I started in the late spring of 2010 and only was able to practice for a few months. I typically positioned myself in the back and took in everything around me. I had never done anything like Bikram before in my life. I was able to force myself to start coming as often as I could and began to really enjoy the experience. My husband and I moved to Swansea, Wales in...