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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What should I wear/bring?

For class you need a yoga mat, a bath sized towel to spread on your mat, and comfortable clothes to practice in. Mat and towels are available to rent for $2 each. EveryBody Yoga is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, thus, we do not carry disposable bottled water. Please bring your own bottles to fill with our bottle filler!

+ Why is the yoga room heated?

Practicing yoga in a heated room minimizes the risk of injury due to overstretching. In the heat, muscles, tendons and ligaments are loose and flexible allowing the practitioner to get all the physical benefits of a posture safely, regardless of their level of fitness. It is not unusual to be apprehensive about the heat - but know that you are not alone! This is the number one fear we address with beginners and the heat is absolutely not as bad as you are imagining it to be! Practice 10 times in your Introductory Month and you will not even notice the heat anymore...not only that, you will likely miss it when you back to a non-heated class!

+ I don't think I'd be very good at yoga, I'm too inflexible/overweight/old/etc...

This yoga is for Every Body. We mean it.

+ How often should I practice?

You can practice as often as you want! This is not exercise... the more you practice, especially in the beginning, the more quickly you will see your body change and improve. Once you have established the changes you aim for in your body, we recommend practicing 10 times per month just for maintenance. Come as often as you can with your schedule - something is always better than nothing!

+ Will yoga help me lose weight?

Yes, a regular yoga practice promotes weight loss. The standing series is designed to elevate the heart rate providing a cardiovascular workout, and the entire series strengthens and tones the major muscles or the body. Additionally, systematic compression and release of the glands of the lymphatic system helps to clear toxins from the body. Practicing in the heat not only helps you stretch more safely, but also increases blood flow to the skin. This helps the skin's elasticity which means that as you lose weight you do not have baggy skin. In March 2016 we held our first Transformation Challenge and witnessed the following:

  • 17 recorded weigh-ins between start and end for a cumulative 86.9 pound loss.

  • 7 participants weigh in between start and end for a cumulative 51.6 pound loss. 3 of these 7 moved from BMI Category Obese 2 to Obese 1 and 1 of these 7 moved from BMI Category Overweight to Normal!

+ What if I'm injured?

Our approach to yoga practice is therapeutic. Even with the most extreme injuries we can assist you. We have students practicing through herniated discs, general back pain, sciatica, MS, arthritis, etc. to help deal with chronic pain and disease. We will work with the student and their doctor to help them do the postures in a way that is safe and healing for the body.

+ Can I practice while I'm pregnant?

We have had many yoga mamas practice with us through their pregnancies. Please contact us for more details if you are planning on practicing while pregnant!