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During last month's Bingo Challenge we asked our students to write down why they practiced yoga. Here are some of their responses. Be inspired!

"To feel more confident!"

"To combat anxiety and insulin resistance without medication. Its been working for over a year now!"

"Alignment! Body. mind, and spirit!"

"For my body: healing old wounds and injuries. For my mind: find the calm in the crazy. For my soul: find the space for all"

We love our students!


When did you start practicing and what drew you in?

I took my first hot yoga class on Wednesday, March 16 (6 months ago). I had known about Bikram for about 4 years but I was really scared, like really, really scared so I took class prior to the challenge because I wanted to get that “unknown” over with. I would say what drew me in was I had this deep feeling that this therapy would be highly beneficial for me. I’m a healthy person in the sense that I have a strong immune system but practitioners over the years had always told me that yoga would be good for my body, mind and spirit. It was time for me to take action and give it a solid chance to transform my body.

What was your biggest fear when you began practicing yoga?

I turned 45 this year and I needed a significant restart. I had been exercising 4 times a week leading up the challenge but I needed a level leap that didn’t involve impact like jumping or running. I think the acclimation period was the hardest part. I just had get over the fact that this practice was so...


When did you start practicing and what drew you in?

I started practicing yoga about 4 months after you opened your studio on Grand Ave. You nagged me into it - telling me it would be very beneficial to my health. I finally caved and figured it was worth a try.

What was your biggest fear when you began practicing yoga?

My biggest fear was that I would be in too much pain to even begin to practice. I wasn't what you would call 'limber' - I could barely touch my toes, much less grab them. I couldn't balance on one leg, either.

Did you have any health issues at the beginning of your practice? Were you on any medications?

I had RA (rheumatoid arthritis). I was on Omeprazole, Sulindac and Plaquenil for the RA, and Fosomax for osteopenia.

Any recent updates to the above?

I weaned myself off of the first two medications myself. I just didn't seem to need the anti-inflammatory when I did the yoga loyally twice a week. I also changed my diet. I added...