Join us for our final class in this space on Sunday, May 28 at 12:00 pm. We will have snacks and juice after, made by our own Mary, who you see in the juice kitchen daily! Please sign up for this class in advance so we can gauge attendance and food! Let us fill the room and enjoy each other! Please read this letter from Jessica regarding the school closing.


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Welcome to EveryBody Yoga

We strive to differentiate ourselves from other yoga studios by being a school rather than a studio. We wish to convey to our students, current & future, our desire to welcome all ages, shapes, sizes, and levels of health into our doors in a comfortable and loving (yet challenging) environment.

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Client Testimonials

Eczema, Weight Loss, Sleep

Angie M.; St. Louis, MO

I took my first hot yoga class on Wednesday, March 16 (6 months ago). I had known about Bikram for about 4 years but I was really scared, like really, really scared so I took class prior to the challenge because I wanted to get that “unknown” over with. I would say what drew me in was I had this deep feeling that this therapy would be highly beneficial for me. I’m a healthy person in the sense that I have a strong immune system but practitioners over the years had always told me that yoga would be good for my body, mind and spirit. It was time for me to take action and give it a solid...


General Health – Every Day Practice

Borislava Q.; Chicago, IL

When I first came to BYA (Jessica's first school) at the beginning of August 2010, I was just one of the thousands of folks who had purchase a great deal on Groupon. However, once my 20 classes were used up, I was craving for more, and when the 100-day challenge was announced in December, I didn’t need a whole lot of convincing. And as they say, the rest is history—100 days turned into “we’ll see what happens,” which turned into the need to meet the challenge of 365 consecutive days of yoga.

Why did I do it? As a new-ish mom to a then 2-year-old and a 10-year-old, I needed to...